Colman gives a tour in Greenwich Village

Colman shows a tour group the filming location for the television show "Friends"


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Great tour for young and old.  Our tour guide Colie had a great personality.  The sights were beautiful he gave us details and history while keeping it fun for the kids.   He was  informative and interesting. Just put on your walking shoes and have fun.

-Beth R., Cranford, NJ


Very enjoyable , personalized tour of Ground Zero and Lower Manhattan. Colman is very knowledgeable and also great fun. Highly recommended.

-Mark and Heather

P.S. keep walking

On New Year’s Day of this year I had the amazing opportunity to visit the 9-1-1 Memorial compliments of Coleman, of Slow Walking Tourist Tours. He’s very informative, and really takes the time to allow you to take in all of the sites while educating you at the same time. It was a wonderful tour, and I’m so glad I was able to go on it with him.

Standing at the pool where the buildings once stood, watching the symbolic tears flow in to the abyss, I realized how surreal the place I was standing in actually was. So many innocent lives, so many heroes, and so much hard work destroyed in one mere day of our hectic lives. Looking at the Twin Pools where the Twin Towers once stood was saddening, yet enlightening at the same time. We may die but we shall be remembered, and throughout pain and tragedy we always rebuild.

Thank you so much for the tour, and I plan on visiting again!

-Ryan Wallace, Port Charlotte, Fl



This is a great way to learn more about downtown Manhattan.  Colman’s insights into the 9/11 memorial and the Battery Park area had my group’s attention.  They really enjoyed his stories about working and living in the city.  This man has a sense of humor and knows his stuff.  We have been bringing tour groups to NYc for nearly 30 years and in my opinion, Colman is one of the best we have ever teamed up with.  If the reaction of my tour group is any indicator, your money is well spent.

- Mark H., Sacramento, CA