Tour Description

New York City was born in lower Manhattan, which is now the oldest and most-historic part of the city. This means it’s home to some of New York City’s most-popular sites, including the 9/11 Memorial, 11 Tears Memorial and Wall Street Bull. These landmarks provide visitors with greatest opportunity to be emotionally moved and entertained, as long as you have the right guide to bring their stories to life.

Don’t risk missing out on all of the vivid sights and compelling tales the most historic part of New York City has to offer! Book a Slow Walking Tour and your tour guide, Colman O’Reilly, will make sure you experience all of the excitement and rich detail this part of the city has to offer.

Lower Manhattan Tour Options Include the Following:

Option I, locations include:

  • World Trade Center Memorial
  • Irish Hunger Memorial
  • World Financial Center & Winter Garden
  • 11 Tears Memorial

Option II, locations include:

  • World Trade Center Memorial
  • Wall Street/Trinity Church
  • Financial District/The Wall Street Bull


World Trade Center – Experience the history of the most famous building in the world, with an insider’s view of the sixteen-acre site. At this stop you will learn how and why the World Trade Center was originally built in the 1960s, becoming a hub for the financial industry in New York, as well as the lengthy and complex rebuilding process that has occurred since it was destroyed on September 11th, 2001.

Irish Hunger Memorial – A moving memorial dedicated to the Great Irish Famine containing stones, soil, and native vegetation brought in from the western coast of Ireland. The memorial also incorporates an authentic rebuilt Irish cottage of the 19th century.

World Financial Center and Winter Garden – Located directly across the street from the World Trade Center, this complex of buildings was badly damaged on September 11th, but has since been restored and boasts impressive views of the World Trade Center site and the Hudson River. One of its many remarkable features is the winter garden – a ten-story atrium that contains beautiful plants and trees year round.

11 Tears Memorial – Located in the lobby of the American Express headquarters, this memorial honors 11 American Express employees who lost their lives on 9/11.

Wall Street – Find out how this famous street got its name, and how it became the center of commerce for New York and the US.

Trinity Church – Sitting at the head of Wall Street, this gothic masterpiece provides a sanctuary for the movers and shakers of the financial world. Originally built in 1698, it was a place of worship for founding fathers such as Alexander Hamilton.

Bowling Green and Charging Bull – This iconic symbol of Wall Street began as a guerilla art installation by artist Arturo Di Modica, who deposited the sculpture in front of the New York Stock Exchange without permission in December of 1989.

If you’d like a custom tour of another area of New York City, please contact us and we can make special arrangements for you and your group! We can also arrange for tours by car, as well as for the other four boroughs of New York City outside of Manhattan. Contact us for details!